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If you are wondering why you should storm chase with us, well there is a plethora of reasons. But to really answer that question, it's important to know what makes us different from the rest. While there are a number of tour companies, there is no other tour company that is as personal as we are. But of more importance is to note that any legitimate storm chasing tour company should have commercial insurance. If they don't - they are simply NOT a legitimate business. And It is VERY important to be wary of, and stay away from those kinds of "storm chasing tours companies"! Those storm tour companies that don’t operate within the law, no matter what kind of an armada or fleet of storm chasing vacation tour vehicles they have, they are indeed operating their storm chasing tours illegally!  

Before we even began our tornado chasing vacations, we obtained commercial insurance back in 1999! Any tour company that is legit, will have insurance. We have outlined some additional reasons you should chase with us below but if at any time, you have questions, please
CONTACT us. To find the tour that fits your schedule, please see our TOUR SCHEDULEpage and then check out or our STORM CHASING TOUR DESCRIPTION page for all tours as it will possibly help to give you an idea of the tornado potential and locations we may be chasing at for any particular tour. 


Experienced Storm Chasers and fully degreed meteorologists- Over 120 years experience to be exact. The Extreme Chase Tours Team has the ability to really dig down to the microscale level and forecast to identify and intercept the most significant weather of the day!

Solid Intercept Record - We are able to achieve a 90% tornado success rate on our tornado chasing tours because of our deep knowledge of weather and our forecasting skills. We have developed and honed these forecasting skills over the last 30 years of storm chasing and forecasting the weather each and every day!

A Commitment To Our Storm Chasing Tour Guests Since 1999 - To be THE MOST affordable and Personal tour company in Tornado Alley. Period. Lanny makes sure that the entire Extreme Chase Tours staff understands the personal commitment we strive for is a top priority!

A Dedication To Education- We believe that all guests should leave their storm chase vacation with a better understanding of how the atmosphere works, how to read radar, some of the technical jargon, and how to stay safe! We provide weather briefings and educational discussions to help meet that goal. You will learn more about weather in 6-8 days than you have in your life!

Cutting Edge Technology - We are the ONLY Storm Chasing Tours company that has our own radar unit. This latest technology alongside our existing weather radar tracking software and redundant radar backups helps us know exactly what the weather is doing. We only utilize the latest weather tracking and radar tools and systems such as RadarScope, GRLevel 2, AE, 3, and StormLab 4.1!

Our Commitment To Safety - The entire ECT staff receives complete driving and thorough safety training every year prior to the start of the storm chasing tour season. And, all drivers and guides are screened and approved by our insurance. For Extreme Chase Tours, safety is priority!

Safe, Comfortable, Reliable Vehicles - Our company-owned vehicles have been specially modified to carry a maximum of only 4-6 passengers for enhanced comfort and safety. They are carefully maintained, commercially insured, clean and smoke-free. And they have tons of cool storm chasing equipment to help us get you what you have paid for!

Commercial Grade Insurance - Before the company even began operations in 1999, we obtained a commercial insurance policy to compliment our commitment to safety!

Just Down To Earth - Our chase team is friendly and unpretentious. Our vehicles are fully equipped with all the latest storm chasing tools and we have our own radar. Something no other tour company has! We are here for our guests, sharing our knowledge and making sure they receive a unique, fun and educational tour. We offer the highest quality and the most personal experience of a lifetime while on tour! 

Extreme Chase Tour guests happy to chase with us
ECT guests viewing wall cloud supercell