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Some of our Storm Chasing Tours Resources and additional information is listed below to help you understand our priorities and our commitment to you, our customers.  

Safety Info – The safety of each one of our storm chasing adventure tours guests is our top priority! We take your safety very seriously. Read more about the measures we take to ensure a safe storm tour and our storm chasing adventure tours safety record.

Education – As one of the best tour operators in the industry, we strive to educate each one of our storm chasing tour guests, by not only teaching them about tornadoes and storm chasing information, but also how to read radar and how to stay safe! 


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Are there risks involved with storm chasing? Extreme Chase Tours holds a 100% safety success rate and have since our birth in 1999. But just as with any activity, there are some dangerous risks involved with storm chasing tours and tornadoes. Some of those dangers include but are not limited to: hail, high winds, tornadoes, flooding, debris, dangerous drivers, and others. The entire Extreme Chase Tours Team is devoted to keeping you safe at all times by practicing safety at ALL TIMES. Lanny and the rest of the drivers and guides go through rigorous driving skills every year before the storm season even starts. We also participate in defensive driving at all times! There is no exception to this. The biggest danger on the road today while on a storm chasing tour is not the tornado, it isn't the hail or even the lightning - it is the other drivers and other storm chasers. We have outlined some of the risks involved in our liability waver which must be signed by all guests before going on tour. AND IT SHOULD BE UNDERSTOOD THAT WE ASSUME NO LIABILITY FOR ANY INJURY OR LIABILITY CLAIM AND NO PARTIES SHALL OR WILL HOLD ECT OR ANY PARTY ASSOCIATED WITH EXTREME CHASE TOURS (ECT DRIVERS OR GUIDES) RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY. YOU ARE VOLUNTARILY COMING ON A STORM CHASING AND TORNADO TOUR WHICH CAN BE DANGEROUS. AND ALTHOUGH WE HOLD A 100% SAFETY SUCCESS RATE, STORM CHASING CAN BE DANGEROUS. WHILE WE WILL TRY TO KEEP YOU SAFE AT ALL TIMES, IT IS UP TO YOU TO LISTEN TO US BEFORE LEAVING THE VEHICLE AND IT IS UP TO YOU TO USE COMMON SENSE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. TORNADO CHASING TOURS CAN BE DANGEROUS.


Extreme Chase Tours

We pride ourselves on a true one on one interaction with all of our storm chasing guests. Many other storm chasing tour companies claim they provide personal tours but we have been offering personal tornado tours since we started in 1999. Our storm chasing tours resources includes real one on one interaction with every one of our tour guests. Whether it's our regular season tour or our photography tours, we teach you not only about responsible storm chasing but also about severe weather, past events, how to read radar, how to stay safe and much more! We are currently the ONLY STORM TOUR COMPANY that allows and takes minors age 12 and older as long as they are accompanied by an adult. We believe in quality vs quantity, as such, we are a smaller tour company - we take no more than 4-6 guests per vehicle which offers every chase tour quest a window seat and the personal attention you deserve! We want to share our experience, passion and love for severe weather and tornadoes with everyone. Going on a storm chasing vacation is almost are religious experience, and the personal attention we give to all of our guests is unmatched by anyone! We'd love to have you join us on one of our storm chasing adventure tours and experience the most personal vacation with the best storm chasers in the industry! Feel free to CONTACT us with any questions you may have, or you can read more ABOUT us and the storm chasing tours TECNOLOGY that we use on tour.