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Find a tour but it's booked? No worries, contact us and we'll put you on our storm chasing tour waiting list. If a seat opens up, we'll contact you ASAP. If a seat does become open, we will email you or contact you directly and let you know that we have a tour seat opening. While it doesn't happen regularly, we can sometimes get a guest that needs to rebook or reschedule their storm chasing tour. This leaves us an opening and the first thing we do is look at our storm chasing tours waiting list. We then start contacting those on the list, going down the list one by one to see who is available. We are a first come, first serve tour company, so even if a tour is closed and booked full, CONTACT us to be put on our waiting list. The earlier you contact us, the higher your name will be on that waiting list. And, if you are not sure what tour is right for you, we have a dedicated page that outlines the differences in the tours and the tornado probability for each respective tornado chasing tour. Please see our TOUR DESCRIPTION page for more information about each tour and where we might be chasing at. For more information about Extreme Chase Tours, check out our ABOUT US page. Finally, when you are ready to book your tour, we'd love to have you storm chase with us! Feel free to check out each of our tour dates and availability of each tornado chasing vacation on our TOUR SCHEDULEpage.  

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