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All of our Tornado Chasing Tours, Tornado Tours and Storm Chasing Tours vehicles are equipped with the latest mobile weather radar including Radar Scope, REAL TIME Doppler and Nexrad Radar via Stormlab, and GRlevel 2 and 3! And our Storm Chasers know how to use these products to help get you to the storm!

   Storm Chasing Tornado Tours Technology

If you combine our experience, the technology that we use and our tornado and funnel success rate, it is easy to see why more people choose us over other tour companies! Click here to book your tour today!

We also have full cellular, CDMA and  satellite connections!

Every one of our storm chase tours vehicle is outfitted with at least one radio which covers many bands including all NOAA weather radio transmissions!

We continually monitor National Weather Service broadcasts and storm conditions using our state of the art radio systems. And since many of our stormchasing guides and drivers are HAM operators, we are able to hear "LIVE" storm reports as they happen!

We also have access and use the latest raw data from various weather models to forecast where the best possible location is going to be to see tornadoes and severe weather!

We always have redundant Doppler radar back up! Below are screen shots of a tornadic supercell we intercepted in Cherry County, Nebraska.

As seen below from our Doppler Radar Package StormLab, allows us to see REAL TIME what a storm is doing and exactly where we need to be to get the tornado! With our technology we never miss a tornado watch or tornado warning while storm chasing!

StormLab Supercharged 4.1

Alongside real meteorologists, severe weather experts and and forecasters, our technology plays a key role in severe weather forecasting. Some of our technology and a few of our tools include:

  • Real severe weather experts and meteorologists with years of storm chasing and forecasting experience.
  • Real time Satellite Broadband Connections.
  • Real time broadband cellular, CDMA internet connections 
  • StormLab Supercharged 4.1 Doppler Radar software level 2 and level 3 data feeds.
  • GRLevel2 Doppler Radar software level2
  • GRLevel3 Doppler Radar software level3.
  • Real time streaming video system.
  • Satellite tracking and video output via iPixcel/Inmarsat   
  • Full computer system that integrates with the chasing equipment and Doppler radar software packages.  
  • Full GPS systems for tracking our position at any time.
  • In-vehicle monitors that will allow each person in the vehicle to watch the same radar and data we are looking at.  
  • Amateur (HAM) radios as well as commercial receivers and tranmitters to monitor storm conditions as they happen "live" on air. 
  • And many more that you can only see by going on tour! 

With an unparalleled 100% tornado/funnel success rate during the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Storm Chasing Tours season, we know how to get you to the storms! We are able to do this year after year by not only the best forecasting but also because we use the latest tools and technology available!

​​​The radar screen capture above is from our main nexrad  level 2 service and allows us to see what a storm is doing with very fine detail! This storm was producing an EF-4 wedge tornado and a classic "debris ball" and can be seen right at the bottom end of the "hook echo"  

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