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As you can see, some of our tornado video truly captures the human reaction not found with other media outlets or tornado video outlets. When we shoot tornado video, or the aftermath, we try to get the human aspect and human spirit in any situation - good or bad. Although we do try to stay behind the scenes if you will and we certainly know our limitations when it comes to shooting tornadoes, damage or destruction. Owner, Lanny Dean is an Emmy Award winning and Emmy Nominated photojournalist and severe weather reporter and has won several SPJ awards over the years while he still worked in the media. Although an engineer by trade, he is still a member of the NPPA and still participates in shooting all kinds of news, sports and weather obviously. This is what separates us from other media outlets - experience in shooting and experience in dealing with the human nature side of things. So if you are looking for quality video, with nat sound, lightning and interviews, we can do it all.    

Latest Tornado Videos and Tornado Footage, watch videos of tornadoes, supercells, lightning and all types of severe weather! We have a very large library of Tornado Videos and Stock Weather Video. We offer some of the most extreme videos of tornadoes and Stock Tornado Footage from around the world, and can license short or long term for documentaries, series, commercials or any production you may have. Some of our stock tornado videos 2016 also includes interviews and human reaction not found with some of the other Stock Video outlets. We offer High Def. and Standard Stock Tornado Video and can accommodate to all your needs. For more information About Us: click here

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Tornado Videos And Stock Weather Video