Extreme Chase Tours

Below you'll find just a few of our tornado videos. These are just a few of Extreme Chase Tours highlight reels from past storm chasing tours and tornado tours. Much of the tornado video during the tours was taken with our guests to hopefully help give them an additional way to remember their storm tour and vacation with us. Please note: some video may contain adult language that may not be suitable for younger folks. But in the heat of "the battle" of storm chasing, many things can get said simply due to the experiences and feeling ongoing at any given time. These are not actors. They are real tour guests just like you who have paid their hard earned money to see and experience severe weather and tornadoes. Some of these tornado videos are rare and certainly the experiences that out guests have is rare and awesome! PLEASE NOTE: all of these videos were shot under real "combat conditions" during severe weather and or tornadoes ongoing. You'll have the opportunity to shoot tornado videos while on a storm chasing tour and we encourage you to do so! We hope you'll join us on one o chasing tours and maybe we can have some video for you to show your friends, children, and possibly grandchildren should you decide to go on tour with us. We hope you enjoy. If you are interested in going on a storm chasing vacation, check out our TOUR SCHEDULE page for more info. As always, if you have any questions at all, please let us know here CONTACT us.

Funnel cloud near Okeene, Oklahoma during tour


Mulvane, KS tornado tour