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Storm Chasing Tours, Tornado Tours Frequently Asked Questions

We receive hundreds of Tornado Chasing Tours questions from people interested in Tornado Information to going on their first Storm Chasing Tours, and as such, we have provided a list of basic questions and ideas to make your STORM CHASING TOUR more comfortable and enjoyable to you. (Please see the question guide below)

Storm Chasing and Tornado Chasing Tours Frequently Asked Questions. Have a storm chasing tours question We can answer it here.

Frequently Asked Tornado Tours Questions.

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Tornado Tours & Storm Chasing Tours Frequently Asked Questions


The Great Plains severe weather and storm chasing tours season spans several months, and each month offers something a little different from the next. Extreme Chase Tours recognizes this, and we offer a variety of different Storm chasing Tour packages and types which cater to each different part of the overall severe weather and Storm Chasing Tours season. While the month of May is generally accepted as the peak of Tornado Season in Tornado Alley our team of Storm Chasers and severe weather experts know that Tornadoes can be captured anytime of the year, particularly in the window between April and July. Extreme Chase Tours employs some of the world's most-experienced and successful Storm Chasers, meteorologists and tornado guides who know and understand that severe  weather season is much more than just May. Because of our experience, we are able to offer Storm Chasing Tours and Tornado Tours spanning the entire period between April and July, in a variety of Chase Tour packages that will fit your needs and wants. We appreciate your interest, and hope you'll consider Extreme Chase Tours for your Storm Chasing Vacation Holiday and Tornado chasing tours adventure!!!

We receive hundreds of questions from people interested in going on a STORM CHASING TOUR and as such, we have provided a list of basic questions and ideas to make your STORM CHASING TOUR more comfortable and enjoyable to you. (Please see the question guide below) 

Please pack lightly, only bring a few days worth of clothing in a small bag. We do not have a lot of room for luggage. There will be washers and dryers at some of the motels that we will be staying at should you need to do your laundry.

We encourage you to bring your own cameras to shoot breathtaking video while out on your Storm Chasing Tour, we will not have extras to loan out. 
Please note: On the chance days that we do not experience or see severe weather, we will go to the "local" sights and or weather related centers and sights. Some days may be "down days" in which we will forecast, model and drive to our next target zone in hopes of getting set up for the next round of severe weather. Some of these target zones may be hundreds of miles from each other so please be prepared for long hours of traveling and sitting. Some roads will be rough and or unimproved, restroom facilities may be primitive or non existent so prepare accordingly. If you suffer from vertigo or motion sickness contact you physician for appropriate medications.

Below are a basic list of questions that we are usually asked before our new customers book a storm chasing tour. Please take the time and read over all questions fully.

Who and what is Extreme Chase Tours?   
Extreme Chase Tours is a Storm Chasing Tours, Tornado Tours and Nature Photography Tour company owned and operated by famed professional Storm chaser and professional photographer, Lanny Dean. Lanny started storm chasing in 1991 and by 1993 had a dream to take people storm chasing. In 1999 Lanny started Extreme Chase Tours part time, taking a few people from time to time. By 2002 Lanny had built a reputation and a strong name for himself in the weather world. He started working in the media as a severe weather reporter and photographer and by 2007 he opened the doors to Extreme Chase Tours full time. Lanny is a 25 year storm chasing veteran that has seen and filmed 503 tornadoes to date as well as many hurricanes and all types of severe weather. Extreme Chase Tours offers storm chasing tours, tornado tours and photography tours. We educate our guests on storm chasing, all types of severe weather and the science behind it all. The Extreme Chase Tours Team is comprised of real Storm Chasers and degreed meteorologists with over 100 years combined experience! We have intercepted and filmed over 500 tornadoes, 11 major hurricanes and hundreds of blizzards and winter storms to date. With over 50 tornadoes intercepted and filmed in 2007, 47 tornadoes 2008, 27 tornadoes in 2009, 22 tornadoes in 2010, 48 tornadoes in 2011 and 31 tornadoes in 2012 so far - simply stated: WE KNOW SEVERE WEATHER AND ARE SEVERE WEATHER EXPERTS!  Some of our team members have participated in many productions and storm chasing shows and are regularly contacted for severe weather consulting and video. We stress and teach to our customers severe weather education and how to stay safe. We also help to participate in the warning process by reporting to local National Weather Services Offices around the country and to local media outlets during tornadic and severe thunderstorm events. To learn more about the
Lanny or the rest of the team click here         

What is included in a Chase Tour?
Storm chasing tours include 6 days of storm chasing and 5 nights of lodging as well as ground transportation during the tour, our  8 AND 10 day tours also include nightly hotel/motel accommodations, 7 nights lodging for our 8 day tours and 9 night lodging for our 10 day tours. Each STORM CHASING TOUR will start with an introduction to storm chasing during the tour. This is where we teach you the basics of storm chasing as we go along. We also continue this education during your tour by teaching you storm structure, storm spotting, weather analysis, how to read radar, learning about past events and more at no additional cost to you!

What can I see and experience on a tour?
Our tours are designed to spend real one on one time with each of our guests. We teach and show you what Storm Chasing is really like. In doing so, you will see severe weather of all types and possibly tornadoes. On the chance that we have a "down day", we will go to the "local" sights and attractions or even go visit the local NWSFO (National Weather Service Office)

What kind of Hotels do we stay at?
Our lodging during a chase tour includes comfortable and clean hotels/motels such as Clarion, Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Quality Inn, Econo Lodge, Days Inn, Super 8 and others. There are times when we may be required to stay at motels that are not nationally known chains in order to stay close to the next days severe weather. These are generally smaller type motels that are very clean and comfortable.

What expenses will I have on tour?
You are responsible for all meals, beverages, food items as well as any souvenirs and any entrance fees while on tour. We do not cover these items.

What is the Deposit?
We require a non-refundable $700 per person fee. This is required to reserve your seat on your tour and is due when you request your seat/tour. This is NON REFUNDABLE. All Media and production custom tours require a $1,000.00 deposit.

What should I bring while on Tour?
Please pack lightly, only bring 4-5 days worth of clothing in a small bag or suitcase. We do not have a lot of room for luggage so please be aware of this. Please feel free to bring your camera or video camera as we will not have any to loan out.  Please make sure that you have enough money for any admission fees as well as food and drink.
What are the chances to see a tornado?
Although We have a held 100% tornado/funnel success rate for 8 solid years until 2011, we cannot guarantee that you will see a tornado while on tour. Our Chase Tours are designed and scheduled during the best time of the season to maximize your chance of seeing a tornado HOWEVER, OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU IS THAT IF WE DO NOT GET YOU A SUPERCELL CAPABLE OF PRODUCING A TORNADO WHILE ON YOUR TOUR, WE WILL GIVE YOU A $200 DISCOUNT ON YOUR FOLLOWING NEXT YEAR TOUR! 

Are there risks involved with Storm Chasing?
Extreme Chase Tours also holds a 100% safety success rate since our birth in 1999. But just as with any activity, there are some dangerous risks involved with storm chasing. Some of those dangers include but are not limited to: hail, high winds, tornadoes, flooding, debris, dangerous drivers, and others. The entire Extreme Chase Tours Team is devoted to keeping you safe by practicing safety at ALL TIMES. We have outlined some of the risks involved in our liability waver which must be signed by all guests before going on tour. WE ASSUME NO LIABILTY FOR ANY INJURY OR LIABILITY CLAIM AND NO PARTIES SHALL OR WILL HOLD ECT OR ANY PARTY ASSOCIATED WITH EXTREME CHASE TOURS (ECT) RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INJURY!    

What is the best time and date to go on a tour?

Although all of our tours offer a very high chance of seeing severe weather including supercells and tornadoes, the months of April, May and June are generally the peak of tornado season and offer the best chance of seeing severe weather and tornadoes. To really increase your chance of seeing a tornado we recommend going on a 10 day tour during the May-June time frame.

What kind of equipment or technology do we use and have?
We have all of the latest weather tracking and forecasting tools and technology including full mobile weather radar. 
For more info click here 
Are alcohol or drugs allowed during a tour?
No alcohol or drugs are allowed or permitted during any part of the tour! The tour guide/driver reserves the right to remove anyone from a tour for not following these basic rules.

What about Refunds?
We cannot refund your deposit or payment for any reason. If you cannot go or cancel your tour we WILL NOT refund your payment. Please do not book a tour until you are comfortable with the dates. There are no refunds if you are removed from tour or leave a tour early for ANY reason. Extreme Chase Tours reserves the right to remove a guest from a tour for any reason. 
Extreme Chase Tours reserves the right to change and or modify tour dates at any time, We will not refund your money or deposit should changes need to be made. WE WILL NOT REFUND YOUR MONEY OR DEPOSIT IF YOU ARE LATE FOR THE TOUR. Please keep in mind that we may have others on your tour who are also wanting to see severe weather and have paid full price to do so. If you are late this will obviously effect their tour as well. PLEASE BE ON TIME as we will NOT refund your money for any reason if you are late or do not show up on time.  
Can I take photos and video while on tour?
Yes! In fact, we encourage you to bring your camera or videocam to shoot breathtaking video and pictures while on your tour!

I want to go, where do I sign up and pay?
Once you are sure of the dates you want to go and availability of the tour, all you need to do  is pay the non refundable deposit via the Schedule and Pricing page. Upon receiving the deposit payment we will reserve your seat and send you an  e-mail with your electronic receipt. You are then required to have full payment to us no later than Jan 1, 2018. Please keep in mind that seating is limited and we usually book our tours very quickly and early, therefore we ask that you register and book your seat  as early as possible. If seating is still open after Jan 1, 2018, you are required to pay the remaining balance in 15 days unless otherwise noted and agreed upon. 

All STORM CHASING TOUR dates are subject to change with reasonable notification.
If arriving by air, you will fly into Tulsa International Airport or the Denver International Airport for our tours in the later part of the season. We usually require our guests to take a cab to the motel of their choice on their arrival date. This is where we will pick you up. The tour departure time on your first chase day is usually no later than 11am. Please do not be late! We will not wait on you. If you have to make travel arrangements to arrive early to meet this time frame there are comfortable hotels near the airport. If you are driving into Tulsa for your tour, we will still meet you at TIA or your motel room on your first chase date. Tulsa International Airport and the Denver International Airport both have convenient and secure long term parking. This is where you will leave your vehicle if driving in until we return from our tour.
We must have your $700.00 non-refundable deposit when you request your seat. You are required to have full payment to us no later than Jan 1, 2018. This excludes guests booking after Jan 1 2018. If you book a tour after Jan 1, 2018, you are required to have your remaining full payment/balance to us in no latter than 15 days. There are no refunds on the deposit or payment. If you decide to give up your seat, cancel or cannot go on the tour that you have booked there are no refunds  NO EXCEPTIONS! There are no refunds period. All liability waivers must be signed and returned to us no later than your departure date.

For those who are in a "follow chase" we will still meet you at a designated location, usually near the airport (TIA/DIA) or your motel room Departure times (11am) will still apply unless otherwise noted. Those interested in a single chase day tour, we offer 1 to 15 days and a discount for more than 3 days!  

We are here for you, should you have any questions regarding payment, schedule, tour dates or other questions please feel free to contact us at: