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What's the big difference between big storm chasing tour companies and a smaller tornado tours company? Well, the answer is pretty obvious to those in the tour industry, but not so much to the general public. The answer to that question involves asking the question - how much real one on one interaction does each tour guests get with the storm chasing guide and driver? While there are some good bigger tour companies out there, we have successfully continued as a smaller tour company for two reasons:

1) A smaller Storm Tour allows more one on one time with the guide. Think of this as opportunity to ask questions and really learn from the guide.

2) It has always been our motto that "small and tactical is more practical" meaning that as a smaller tornado tour company, we have the ability to cater to you, our guests, in a much easier way. We do not believe in cramming up multiple 15 seat passenger vans and then having little to no ability to communicate with the tour guests towards the rear of the van. We want you to really enjoy the tour and become a part of it, not just be some ride along. This is what truly allows us to spend the quality time with each guest, educating them, answering questions and truly spending one on one time with each one of you.

Larger tour companies are why Lanny started Extreme Chase Tours back in 1999 and why it is still going strong today. You simply cannot teach the guests if you have them on a bigger tour. Lanny and the entire Extreme Chase Tours team understand that each guests has paid their hard earned money to witness Mother Nature and to hopefully see a tornado. That's why we strive to work for each of our guests. Educating them, teaching them how to read radar, how to understand basic forecasting, how to stay safe. These simple things are not taught by some of the bigger tornado chasing tour companies. So this is where we fit in. We'd love to have you come on a chase with us in 2022 and feel what we feel, experience what we experience and learn all about severe weather in a safe and personal way. What's your vacation for 2022 look like?

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Ready to book your storm chasing seat today? You can check out our tour status and availability at on TOUR SCHEDULE page. Additionally, our TOUR DESCRIPTIONS page outlines each tour with the geographical tornado percentage!