You can also see more of our storm chasing tours reviews on the StormChasingUSA website where we've been tested and are highly recommended and even how we compare in tour pricing to other tour companies! 

See what just some our past tornado tour guests have said about going on a storm chasing tour with us. Real reviews. From real people. Who have experienced an Extreme Chase Tour. We've literally taken thousands of people storm chasing over the last 30 years and helped them live their dream of witnessing a tornado. For some, it's a bucket list thing. For others, they just like the adrenaline rush. But going on a storm chasing adventure tour with us is so much more than that. It's about witnessing the power ang glory of Mother Nature. It's about the education we give all our tour guests. It's about making lifelong friends and memories. But more importantly, it's about the experience of a lifetime! Don't let that experience be a negative one by going with a tour company who isn't going to work 100% for you. After all, this is your vacation tour. From staying up late running forecast and meticulously going over weather data, to spending one on one time with you answering any questions that you might have, to checking each one of our tour guest hotel room every night. We work very hard for you. Check our TOUR SCHEDULE for a tour that fits your schedule or if you still have questions, please CONTACT us. We are here for you and will always reply. If you'd like to see what kind of storm chasing tours equipment we use, visit our TECHNOLOGY page or you can learn more about who are by visiting our ABOUT US and checking out our MEET THE TEAM page. With so many other storm chasing tour companies out there, what makes us different and better? We've outlined these differences and why we are the best storm chasing tours company in the industry on our BIG TOURS VS SMALL TOURS page which is packed with info. Come join us this season and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!  

"Extreme Chase Tours certainly lived up to it's name over the two weeks I was in the USA. We travelled across many states, saw so many amazing things, visited and met some fantastic people and saw 6-7 tornadoes! During the first week there wasn't supposed to be any weather at all, so our hopes certainly weren't high! However, after traveling to Nebraska, my Father and I literally stood right below a huge, rumbling, rotating Mothership Supercell - which inevitably produced a tornado. Over the course of the next two weeks we saw hundreds of supercells, wall clouds, tornado warnings, beautiful lightening and tornadoes themselves!! Everything was very professional - with Lanny Dean always knowing what was going on with the weather at every second. In the mornings we were always briefed about what was happening for the day - and why we were going where we were going. Every room we stayed in was carefully checked over by Lanny himself, and whenever there was time to sit down and have a nice meal - we were able to do so. Despite not having as much luck with the weather as you would expect on an average May week - every bit of weather that was produced... we were there before it even happened. Lanny Dean is one of the most dedicated and wonderful people I have ever met in my life. He was up all night running weather scans and making sure he found something, ANYTHING for us to chase. Even during a week where there was 'no weather' around - he had us right below a huge, tornado producing supercell. He took the time to explain everything he was talking about - so that by the time you left, you were using the correct verbiage without even realizing it! Lanny and his family have become our family in America. We travelled all the way from Australia and they were just so warm and welcoming that we didn't want to leave (hence why we ended up staying two weeks). If you want a personal, amazing tour - with honesty, and great people... then choose Extreme Chase Tours. You won't find another tour operator with more heart and passion than Lanny Dean."   - Jessica Sargant.

"Wow. Simply Wow. Not only did I see my first tornado, but five on the second day of the tour. Lanny and his team are great at what they do. The excitement of the chase is really captured on the tour, and nothing can ever match that moment when your setup in the right spot at the right time and watch mother nature go to work. Certainly an experience I will never forget and encourage my friends and family to experience as well."
                                       Matt Michela


"Lanny Laura,
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an awesome week! I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of it. Extreme Chase Tours definitely exceeded all of my expectations. I have been storm chasing several times with other companies and have never seen a tornado. With Extreme Chase Tours I saw 9 in one day!!!! My experience with Extreme Chase Tours involved more than just the 9 tornados that we experienced. The education that I received about the weather was top notch. The experience and knowledge that Lanny and Eric have is incredible, but most impressive to me is their passion for storm chasing. It is obvious that they love what they do and they make every effort to ensure that their guests are enjoying it too. I was very confident with their knowledge of storm chasing. We had the opportunity to get very close to the storms and I never once felt in danger. I felt extremely honored to be able to be a part of their tour and will definitely be returning!"

Dr. Lori Renda-Francis"

"This is the second year my wife and I have gone with Extreme Chase Tours on their tours and what a blast! The thing my wife and I liked the most was the way Lanny and his staff interacted with us. I have personally been with 3 other storm chasing tours companies and by far, this one was the most educational and fun. They explained everything from what we were seeing to actually teaching us how to read their radar. We learned more in six days with Extreme chase tours than we did with going on tour with others for 10 days. It was truly a wonderful experience and one my wife and I plan on doing again in 2010.

Mike and Serena"

"I was very excited to go on the a real tornado tour, but did not know what to expect. Extreme Chase Tours were great all the way from explaining what we were doing or seeing to the best area they thought we might see severe weather...and saw 16 tornadoes during our tour to boot! Anyone wanting to see real tornadoes or go on a real chasing vacation with a professional staff needs to go with Extreme Chase Tours....they are the best!

Storm Chasing Tours


"I'm not good with reviews so I'll just explain it as experienced: Lanny runs a wonderful outfit and is the most passionate tornado guide I have ever seen! He forecasted tornadoes and we got 3 in one day in May of  2008!....We enjoyed the vacation very much and will be going back. We had a great time with Lanny. Talk about knowledge, when they said we would see tornadoes we did! We had a blast and will go back next year for our third vacation and getaway


Happy Tour guest in front of tornado laughing

Storm Chasing Tours Testimonials

"I just wanted to send you all a quick email and say thank you for such a great week! Seeing the super-cell in Northern Kansas was such a sight and experience that I will never forget. Many thanks to all of the folks over at Extreme Chase Tours, you all are a class act and I will be back next year!"

Extreme Chase Tours

"We had a great time on our tour vacation with Lanny and Eric and Extreme Chase Tours. Talk about knowledge, when they said we would see tornadoes we did! We had a blast and will go back next year for our third vacation and getaway

Tom Eggbert"

"Lanny Dean and his team of Storm Chasers from provided me with one of the best experiences of my life! They were so knowledgeable, professional, but also extremely entertaining. They explained what was going on weather wise and different weather terms used by chasers in a very approachable way so even if you never studied weather for a day you would still understand. On our storm chasing tours trip we got to see 5 tornadoes and not once did I feel unsafe thanks to the team of professionals.  I urge everyone to take a tornado tours trip with them!  It is truly an experience you will never forget, plus they are really funny!"

                                Danielle Vollmar
                                FOX25 Weekend Meteorologist
                                Oklahoma City, OK

"When I first discussed tornado chasing with my closest friends, we all had no idea what to expect. We imagined a lesser and more scientific version of the movie, "Twister," which, to us, still sounded amazing. What I found out during my three days of chasing is that I was only right about one thing- it is more scientific. And by scientific, I mean serious, realistic and a big deal to those who partake- especially Extreme Chase Tours.

Ultimately, it was not what I expected and more than I hoped. In other words, it was even more thrilling than one's over-exaggeration tends to make it, which, as we know, never happens. The more time we have to imagine a scenario and craft our ideal version, the more it inevitably leads to disappointment. Being a part of Extreme Chase Tours exceeded those overdramatized expectations, which as I mentioned, is extremely rare. The cloud formations, wind, roads, rain, weather reports, other storm chasers, and the police are just a few of the variables one constantly deals with while chasing, but "dealing with" isn't the right way of saying it. Overcoming is a better way of phrasing it, and Extreme Chase Tours does an amazing job of balancing the frantic need to overcome such obstacles while making everyone feel safe and a part of it at the same time.

Let's just say it's the best video game you have no control of, except it's real."

                   David Krell

"As a major TV production crew based out of Japan, we were doing a documentary on weather phenomenon and tornadoes in the states. We had no idea what to expect or how to go about this. We contacted Lanny Dean with Extreme Chase Tours LLC. He was informative and went into great detail about what we could expect. After contract negotiations (which Lanny made very easy!) we scheduled a "media tour" for 10 days. After careful considerations for our needs, Lanny picked the May 22 through the May 31 2008 timeframe. Our entire production crew flew to the states and we began filming our tornado chasing special on May 22 2008. I don't know how to explain how Lanny knew, but we documented 4 tornadoes on the first day in Kansas on May 22. The following day on May 23, we filmed 5 tornadoes two of which were very large tornadoes F-4 (I believe) in almost the same location near Quinter Kansas. We didn't even move - we just sat and waited on what he called "the next supercell to come up at us". We had more than what we needed in only two days of tornado chasing! But that isn't where it ends. The next day, on May 24 2008, we filmed a farm full of pigs get hit in Oklahoma and documented another 5 tornadoes! By the time the tour ended, we had filmed over 60 hours of video and 26 tornadoes in 10 days! Lanny and the Extreme Chase Tours team know exactly what they are doing and it is obvious they are some of, if not the best, experts in their field! If you are a production company or a media company doing any weather specials, these guys are the real deal and will get you exactly what you need. Thank you Lanny for making this happen - you guys are the best!