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How To Storm Chase

As you can see in the video, we are then only tour company that really spends that unique time with you, answering all of your questions by spending real one on one time with you during the tour. Thus, you'll be learning storm chasing without even recognizing it without even knowing. And we keep the education and communication open log after your storm chasing tour. To Learn more about us please click here:

From teaching you how to read radar, to teaching you the basics of thunderstorm development, you will be able to learn from a storm chasing tour guide that has a wonderful track record almost documenting tornadoes for almost 30 years! This will help you learn how to storm chase and give you a good idea of the science behind it all. If you'd like to learn how to storm chase, check out our 2021 Tour Schedule here: to see what seating we still have available . 

During all of our Storm Chasing Tours, Tornado Tours and Photography Tours, we have made education a top priority to all of our guests. The education you receive during your storm chasing vacation will really teach you how to storm chase!

We do this with the hopes that after your tour - you will walk away knowing more about the weather in general than ever before. You'll understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning, you'll gain a full understanding about storm chasing including the lingo to actually what it takes to forecast. You will know and understand the kind of  technology that we use.

With this knowledge, we hope to provide you with the ability to stay "ahead of the storm" and stay safe. But we also go deeper into the synoptic severe weather environment we might be in. This is where answering your questions and explaining what Ma' Nature is doing come into play. You will learn how to storm chase, and the proper etiquette that goes with it as well as the science that ties it all together in a fun filled educational way out our ! Please watch our Storm Chasing Tours video below  to get an idea of how we educate you and spend true one on one time with each one of our guests during your tornado tour.  


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