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The Great Plains severe weather and storm chasing tours season spans several months, and each month offers something a little different from the next. Extreme Chase Tours recognizes this, and we offer a variety of different storm chasing tours and tornado chasing tour packages which cater to each different part of the overall severe weather and storm chasing season. While the month of May is generally accepted as the peak of tornado season in tornado alley, our team of storm chasers and weather experts know that tornadoes can be captured anytime of the year, particularly in the window between April and July. Extreme Chase Tours employs some of the world's most-experienced and successful storm chasers, meteorologists who understand that severe weather season is much more than just May. Because of our experience, we are able to offer our storm chasing vacations spanning the entire period between April and July, in a variety of tornado chasing tours that will fit your needs and wants. We appreciate your interest, and hope you'll consider Extreme Chase Tours for your storm chasing vacation holiday!

Texas storm chasing tour
Violent Kansas tornado during tour
Tornadic supercell during tour



During our storm chasing tours, we have made education a top priority to all of our guests. The education you receive during your storm chasing vacation will really teach you how to storm chase! We do this with the hopes that after your tour,  you will walk away knowing more about the weather in general than ever before. You'll understand the difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning, you'll gain a full understanding about storm chasing including the lingo to actually what it takes to forecast. You'll also become familiar with the TECNOLOGY that we use.

With this knowledge, we hope to provide you with the ability to stay "ahead of the storm" and stay safe. But we also go deeper into the synoptic severe weather environment we might be storm chasing in. This is where answering your questions and explaining what Ma' Nature is doing come into play. You will learn how to storm chase during your storm chasing adventure tour and the proper tornado chasing tour etiquette that goes with it as well as the science that ties it all together in a fun and educational way! 

From teaching you how to read radar, to teaching you the basics of thunderstorm development, you'll  be to learning from a storm chasing tour guide that has been documenting tornadoes for almost 30 years! This will help you learn how to storm chase and give you a good idea of the science behind it all. If you'd like to learn how to storm chase, check out our
TOUR SCHEDULE If you'd like to see what some of our past tour clients have said about our tours, please see our TESTIMONIALS. Additionally, you can read more about Extreme Chase Tours by visiting our ABOUT US page or MEET OUR TEAM. Or if you just want to see some really crazy and cool tornado videos, stop by our TORNADO VIDEOS page.