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2022 Storm Chasing Tours
Kansas tornado near Russell KS

So what's a typical day storm chasing with Extreme Chase Tours really like and what can you expect? Those are probably the two biggest questions we get. It isn't easy trying to explain the feeling and emotions of being on a storm chasing tour vacation. But we hope the information below explains what a typical chase day is like with us.  

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Big Supercell Tornado Tour

Where we Storm Chase

We will travel as far as we need to get YOU the best chance of tornadoes and severe weather. Usually this includes all of what is considered Tornado Alley. This area includes Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska into the Dakota's and even eastern parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming. We will try to avoid areas with trees because they severely limit the visibility of storms and tornadoes, which can be very dangerous. For more information about our tours, please see
ABOUT OUR TOURS. We highly recommend you fully read our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page for more detailed tour information. Want to know what you can experience while on a tornado tour with us, check out our STORM CHASING TOUR EXPERINCE page!

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Every morning, we get into the nitty gritty of forecasting and the fine details by analyzing things like surface data, forecast models and upper air data. This helps us to know exactly how the weather should set up for the day and where the best chance of tornado chasing exists the best tornado potential. We actually have a pretty good idea of where we need to be sometimes two to three days out, but the weather is always changing so we really focus on our forecasting that we've honed in over the last 30 years. 

We will usually know the night before what time we need to leave the following day, and we will let all guests know the prior evening. But as a rule of thumb, we will usually will depart our hotel between 10am and 11:00am (depending on where the best chance of severe weather is) after doing our morning weather briefing will all of our tour guests. Since the weather is very fluid, obviously we will refine our target areas as the day progresses. 

Since we may be in very rural areas for the afternoon and evening storm chases, stopping for dinner is usually not possible. Please note that we will not stop for dinner once the chase day begins. We do this to avoid missing any tornadoes or severe weather. You've paid hard earned money to witness severe weather and tornadoes, so we encourage you to purchase snacks or incidentals in you get hungry. After chasing, we will usually arrive at our pre determined hotels after dark (which could be late at times) where we will check into our hotel rooms. And then, basically rinse and repeat for the following days.

The video below highlights what going on tour with us is really like. We recommend watching it to the end to get a feel for what storm chasing is really like!