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Our Strom Chasing Adventure Tours and photography tours are not only for those just learning photography but also the veteran photographer as well!

Join Emmy nominated photographers on our Tornado and Storm Chasing Adventure Tours. Learn how to take tornado pictures while learning how to storm chase!

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Storm Chasing Tours Photography Tours 

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Tornado and storm chasing tours
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Our severe weather photography tours usually start late May or early June and run through July. We center the photography tours around the latter part of the storm chasing season as the later part of the season can offer slower storm motion and some wild and unforgettable storm structure and tornadoes. Our photography tours are much more laid back than our regular tours as we focus more on educating those who are interested the basics of photography. If you are photographer or are even remotely interested in severe weather photography, or landscape photography then these tours are for you! Our basic Landscape Photography and Severe Weather Photography Tours are 6-8 days in length but we can and will do custom photography tours to suit your needs and wants. 

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Extreme Chase Tours is well known for getting our clients the shots they have always only dreamed about during our regular tours but we also offer full custom storm chasing adventure tours that include special severe weather photography and landscape tours, and have for many years. Extreme Chase Tours owner, Lanny Dean, is an Emmy nominated photographer and was the very first Storm Chasing  tour operator to offer custom weather photography tours to professional and amateur photographers who were seeking beautiful pictures of lightning, tornadoes, amazing storm structure, mammatus clouds and awe-inspiring  supercell structure. In fact, many of our storm chasers such as Jeff Smith, is also a professional photographer who's work appears regularly on KJRH channel 2 in Tulsa.

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Are you a photographer seeking beautiful landscapes and weather photography? Are you wanting or needing to add to your photography portfolio?

Severe Weather Photography Tours

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