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Looking for the highest quality Tornado and Storm Chasing Tours Vacation? Don't want to be packed into a 15-seat passenger van and treated like cattle like some of the bigger Storm Chasing Tour companies do? Want a smaller more intimate and educational storm chasing experience? We get it...going on a Tornado Chasing Tour should be the most personal and exhilarating adventure of a lifetime that doesn't break the bank! Navigating that adventure of a lifetime requires a real pro. We are your answer. Extreme Chase Tours is the most personal and affordable Tornado and Storm Chasing Tour Vacations company in the world, with Tornado Tours starting at only $2,300! Over 700 tornadoes documented and OVER 120 years combined experience, we know how to get you to the storm! 

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Want to experience a thrilling vacation of a lifetime? We have 11 different storm tours to choose from!

Extreme Chase Tours is the world's most personal and affordable Storm Chasing Tours and Vacations, with Tornado Tours starting at only $2,300.
Over 700 tornadoes documented and over 120+ years tornado chasing experience! This experience is what sets us apart from other tour companies. The experience of a lifetime is what we provide with our veteran meteorologists and tornado-chasing experts, who provide each of our chase tour guests the best storm chasing experience among ALL storm chasing tour companies. How do we do it? By offering what other tornado chasing tour companies can't or simply don't - the highest quality, most personal, and educational storm chasing tours at the most affordable price!

We have been providing professional storm chasing adventure tours and tornado chasing vacations since 1999, when owner, Lanny Dean opened the door to the very first personal storm chasing tour company. Since that time, many storm tour companies have come and gone, but our motto and company mission statement is the same today as it was in 1999 - offer smaller tornado chasing tours so we can spend more quality time with each guest to answer questions, help educate and teach the in's and out's of tornadoes and severe weather. Simply stated, put quality above quantity. Something that most other storm chasing adventure tour companies don't do.

Our Storm Chasing Tours and Vacations packages range from 6 to 10 days in length as we travel throughout tornado alley seeking the most breathtaking weather on the planet. Our tornado chasing record speaks for itself, over 700 tornadoes documented in the last 32 years with a 90% tornado success rate! Our highly experienced veteran and decorated real storm chasers and meteorologists have over 120+ years combined experience storm chasing and tracking monster supercells and jaw dropping tornadoes. We are good at what we do. Very good. And we are educated, with fully degreed meteorologists and severe storm experts, each with decades of experience. You wouldn't take your car into a paint shop to get the engine fixed; you'd take it to a certified ASE mechanic who has years of education and experience. Don't settle on a tour company who doesn't have education to go along with the years of storm chasing experience. Our experience and the intimate personal one on one attention that we give to each one of our tour guests is what sets us apart from ALL other storm chasing tour companies. Just read some of our client 
TESTIOMONIALS here to see what it's like being on a storm chasing vacation with Extreme Chase Tours. To learn why going on a smaller tornado tour is MUCH better than going with a larger storm chasing tour company and why there is such a difference, please look at our BIG TOURS VS SMALLER TOURS page.

Are you a photographer or interested in photography? All of our storm tours offer the high likely hood of capturing some amazing photographs of tornadoes and severe weather. We also offer full severe weather photography tours with real professional photographers and we were the first to offer these landscape and weather photography tours back in 1999. So grab that camera and read all about our weather 
PHOTOGRAPHY TOURS here! Or check out our PHOTO GALLERY to see some amazing weather and tornado photos or TORNADO VIDEOS here

​​We pride ourselves on being THE MOST PERSONAL and THE MOST AFFORDABLE tour company in the storm chasing industry. You simply won't find another tornado tour company that offers our intimate and personal setting during your storm chasing vacation! Our weather adventure tours start and end in the same base city for your convenience. The chase tour price includes the storm chasing tour, the most personal attention that you will receive on ANY storm chasing vacation, and the knowledge and experience of our expert tornado chasing guides! After you reserve your tour seat, all you have to do is book your flight into the base city. Unlike other tour companies, we don’t treat our guests like cattle or sardines – everyone in each vehicle gets a window seat! To learn more about storm chasing, please see our 
HOW TO STORM CHASE page. We have also provided a ton of information on our STORM CHASING TOURS page, or if you have specific questions about our storm chasing vacations, please see our FAQ and RESOURCES pages. Want to learn more about our tornado chasing experts and who is taking you storm chasing? MEET OUR TEAM here. We are always here for you so please CONTACT US if you have any questions prior to booking a storm chasing tour. When you are ready to book your tour, check out our STORM CHASING TOURS here.

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Like weather photography? We provide endless photography possibilities on every tornado chasing tour!

Professional Storm Chasing Tours and Tornado Tour Vacations since 1999. We are the most personal and affordable Tornado Chasing Tours company in Tornado Alley! Private, highest quality, and most exciting ultimate storm chasing tours!

The Great Plains severe weather and storm chasing tours season spans several months, and each month offers something a little different from the next. Extreme Chase Tours recognizes this, and we offer a variety of different storm chasing tours and tornado tour vacation packages which cater to each different part of the overall severe weather and storm chasing season. While the month of May is generally accepted as the peak of tornado season in tornado alley, our team of storm chasers and weather experts know that tornadoes can be captured anytime of the year, particularly in the window between April and July. Extreme Chase Tours employs some of the world's most experienced and successful storm chasers and meteorologists who understand that severe weather season is much more than just May. Because of our experience, we are able to offer our storm chasing vacations spanning the entire period between April and July, in a variety of tornado chasing tours that will fit your needs and wants. We appreciate your interest, and hope you'll consider Extreme Chase Tours for your storm chasing vacations! If you'd like to learn more about each storm tour in detail, please check out our TOUR DESCRIPTIONS. And if you like looking at radar (who doesn't?!) please take a few moments and check out our LIVE RADAR with our partner LIVE STORM CHASERS. Ready to book your tour?  With so much interest in our tours, we have our 2025 Tours schedule and pricing now available here: STORM CHASING TOURS


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