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Extreme Chase Tours: Professional Storm Chasing Tours and Tornado Tours! Experience the BEST, private and most affordable weather tour vacations available!   

If you've ever had an interest in going on a real Storm Chasing Tour or Tornado Tour Vacation Adventure, look no further! We are the real deal and provide not only 6 and 10 day Tornado Tour Vacations, but we also offer the most private and the most personal "one on one", celebrity and executive Storm Tours & Adventure Tours.. If you're looking for adventure, you'll love our thrilling and exciting Tornado Tours! During your tornado tour you'll travel across a number of states throughout the Great Plains of the United States also known as Tornado Alley. You'll witness some of mother natures most awesome power and beauty in the most personal, comfortable, and safe environment. We are educated, private, affordable and safe. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE GOAL! Come storm chase with us in 2017! Read some of our storm chase tours Testimonials and what our guests are saying here  See our2017 Storm Chasing Tours schedulehere

Russell Kansas Tornado F-3
Texas Storm Tour Throckmorton Texas Tornado F-3
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"If Tornadoes are what you seek, look for Extreme Chase Tours!"  -Entertainment Magazine

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Watch one of our chasing tours trailers below for a taste of what our tornado tours are really like and get ready for the weather adventure of a lifetime!

Welcome to Extreme Chase Tours, We have been offering Professionally Guided Storm Chasing Tours, Tornado Tours and Storm Chasing Vacation Adventure Travel since 1999. We provide the most personal and affordable small group tornado tours that are 6 to 10 days in length. Our storm tours and adventure tours are truly the most affordable storm chasing vacations that you will find anywhere! We also offer Severe Weather Photography Tours and we were the first to offer these types of tours. The Extreme Chase Tours team are highly experienced decorated storm chasers and meteorologists who are truly severe weather experts. This experience and the one on one attention we give each of our guests is what sets us apart from many other tour companies. While there are many Storm Chasing Tour Companies to choose from, we, are the most personal and most affordable! NO OTHER Storm Tour company will spend MORE ONE ON ONE TIME WITH YOU! We believe in quality not quantity - Our Tours are designed with a more personal touch and real one on one interaction with all of our chase tour guests! Come join one of our 2017 storm chasing tours and you will be going with with a tour operator that has almost three decades of Tornado chasing experience! We want you to have the best storm chasing vacation possible. Simply stated: WE ARE THE MOST PERSONAL STORM CHASING TOUR COMPANY IN THE BUSINESS!

 Click here to reserve a seat today! PLEASE NOTE: WE NOW ONLY HAVE 2 SEATS LEFT AVAILABLE ON OUR MAYHEM 3 TOUR. ALL OTHER TOURS ARE BOOKED FULL!  Hurry and reserve your seat today!


Check out our photography tours

Are you a photographer looking to add to your portfolio or simply looking to take some awesome weather photographs? Our Storm Chasing Tours and Tornado Tours is exactly what you need! Extreme Chase Tours owner and Emmy Nominated photographer, Lanny Dean, was the very first Storm Chasing Tour Guide to offer custom weather photography tours to professional and amateur photographers who were seeking beautiful pictures of lightning, tornadoes, mammatus clouds and amazing storm structure. Our severe weather photography tours offer a rich and almost religious experience! Click here for info on our photo tours

Extreme Chase Tours offers the most personal and affordable storm chasing tours and tornado tour vacations in the industry! We were the first company to offer personal weather adventure tours to the general public and we offer a variety of different storm chasing tour packages just for you! Have a large storm chasing tour group, looking for adventure travel or don't want to spend the day with strangers? Need a more exclusive storm tour experience? Then our private Storm Chasing Tour vacations are for you! These private tours include 10 group pictures, and customized storm chasing shirts for each of your tornado tour group members. We also offer media and production tours. Media inquires click here Hurry and book your storm chasing tour today! Click here to reserve your seat today

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Great Bend Kansas Tornado and Supercell
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Extreme Chase Tours is notably THE BEST Storm Chasing Vacations Tours Team in the world and have over 103 years combined storm chasing experience! The Extreme Chase Tours Team is comprised of some of the most experienced, well known, and successful Storm Chasers, Meteorologists and Severe Weather Experts in the world! Our Tornado Tours forecasters and photographers have seen and filmed over 500 tornadoes to date! Watch owner, Lanny Dean, document 16 tornadoes from just one storm in the video below, and see what storm chasing and "living like you were dying is really like"!

Storm Chasing Tours and tornado tours Offering private & personal tours, One on One, Celebrity And Executive...We've got a Storm Chasing Tour for everyone! Watch Lanny, Chad and the rest of Extreme Chase Tours as KAKE-TV rides along on a wild tornado chasing adventure below:

Storm Chasing Tours And Tornado Tour Vacations 

Medicine Lodge Kansas Tornado
Mulvane Kansas Tornado
La Cross Kansas Tornado Tour

 Private storm tours available

Storm Chasing Tours And Tornado Tours In The Heart Of                           Tornado Alley!                

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Our Chase Tour guest, Lori, taking a "Tornado Tour selfie" in 2016 during an EF-4 Kansas Tornado! 2017 storm chasing tours are filling up fast so hurry and book your seat today!

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