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In 1999 Owner and 27 year veteran storm chaser and tour guide, Lanny Dean, had a dream - he wanted to share his knowledge, love and passion of severe weather and tornadoes with the general public by offering private tours and adventure tours. Later that year the concept of giving true personal storm chasing tours and storm tour vacations through storm chasing was realized and he opened up the doors to Extreme Chase Tours. Since that time our concept hasn't' changed. For the last 17 years Extreme Chase Tours has made it our mission statement and goal to give quality storm chasing tours and tornado tours versus quantity. A concept that we refuse to waiver from! In storm chasing, experience matters and by utilizing Lanny's 27 years of experience as well as the entire ECT staff, this has led to a 90% success rate. No other tour company can come close to making this claim. Let our experience put a smile on your face and help give you a lifelong memory!


 We refuse to load up and cram a 15 seat passenger van full with our clients like most other storm chasing tour companies do - leaving little to no interaction with the guide or driver. To us, this is counterproductive to all group tours as many of the folks in the rear of the van cannot communicate or even hear or see what is happening. We truly believe in quality VS quantity which is why we book no more than 4 guests per vehicle/van. This provides a much more personal tour for each guest as we are able to spend one on one time with each one of our tour guests giving them the attention they deserve and have paid for. 

The safety of each one of our tour guests is top priority and the most important. Lanny's 26 year experience has helped to understand the associated risks versus rewards during every storm tour and every storm chase. Understanding these risks, we take every precaution to make sure you have a safe and rewarding time with us while on tour. 

All of our tour vans are fully outfitted with the latest weather technology. From our laptops with WIFI, radar, and a full suit of weather forecasting tools!  For more info on the technology that we use and offer to our guests please click
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Some companies talk about being first - We WERE the first storm chasing tour company to offer a smaller quality storm chasing tour, with personal one on one education interaction with ALL of our tour guests. In 2005 and 2007 owner, Lanny Dean, was the first storm chaser ever to receive the prestigious "Storm Chaser of the Year" award. Extreme Chase Tours was the first to offer personal severe weather photography tours, and we were the first storm chasing tour company to win The Best Of Tulsa Small Business Award in Tours category in 2012 and 2013!  Many folks talk about being first - we WERE the first to offer these services. Our storm tours are designed with our guests and clients in mind, from the first interaction with us, to your departure day - we strive and work for our guests! Come see why we have a 77% guest return rate and why we were voted storm chasers of the year and get ready for the storm chasing tour adventure of a lifetime! Interested in a day tour please click here:

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"The Lanny Dean experience"

May 12, 2016 / By Christoffer

I have chased with many different tour guides now and they all have had different personalities and guiding styles. We have the calm and informative style of Charles Edwards and Brian Morganti or the friendly and dedicated style of Gene Robertson and Allan Dietrich. They were all excellent tour guides but I really loved chasing with Lanny Dean.

People sometimes ask me what I find so interesting about storms. I am always a bit surprised by the question, like “How can you not be fascinated by tornadoes?!”. I guess everyone would find a full contrast, destructive tornado fascinating but we all know storm chasing is not like that every day. What makes every day special is the build up, the growing excitement, the let-downs and surprises, and the clues the storms gives you it might produce something spectacular.

That is why you can look at dark coloured, condensed water in the sky for hours – with an adrenalin rush. Often, you have no idea what you are looking at, what might happen or if you have any reasons to be excited – and that is what Lanny Dean brings to the storms. He has seen some 300-400 tornadoes I think but is still over excited about inflow, possible funnel clouds and wall clouds and he really brought that passion (and knowledge) to us guests.

Below is a video I just put up on Youtube that was filmed on our only real chase day of the unlucky tour of May 2014. We saw an anti-cyclonic land spout tornado that day (not in the video) but nothing else really, it still was a spectacular day thanks to the excitement and passion brought by Lanny.

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