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Watch Lanny, Chad and the rest of Extreme Chase Tours as KAKE-TV rides along on a wild tornado chasing adventure vacation and Extreme Tornado Tour below:

Publications and TV Programs We’ve Been Featured In

If your production is looking for high quality video of past events or a certain type of demanding "shot" such as damaging Tornadoes or even Large Hail, Extreme Chase Tours has got it! Extreme Chase Tours also offers STORM CHASING TOURS and STORM CHASING VACATIONS for all types of media and production companies that might want or need to shoot tornado video for there own stock. We are a full service TORNADO TOURS and STORM CHASING TOUR company covering all types of severe and unusual weather. We understand how critical it is to get that "shot" and will help you do it in a safe environment. We have over 100 years experience and have filmed over 400 tornadoes, 11 hurricanes and many blizzards and severe weather to dateIf your media company needs STOCK WEATHER VIDEO but are not able to send your production people, no worries, we have professional photographers and on staff who adhere by NPPA principles when required. Whatever your needs we can do it! For more information or to see some our line of STOCK WEATHER VIDEO click here.

And with our background in international and local media, Lanny Dean and Extreme Chase Tours is also available to stream live video, to do phone and TV interviews if needed before, during and after all types of severe weather events. For more information about our media tours and pricing please visit our pricing page here

All Productions or media interested in licensing video, phone and or TV interviews may contact:

Lanny Dean


Extreme Chase Tours provides not only Storm Chasing Tours to the general public, we also offer private streaming services to media partners, live weather reports and full media storm chasing tours. we also offer all aspects of breaking news video including: pre, during and post interviews as severe weather happens LIVE. We also have many hours of stock weather video of past events such as: Tornadoes, Floods, Hurricanes, Blizzards, Hail, Wind, Lightning AND MORE! You have probably seen our video on many networks including: The Weather Channel, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, Tru-tv, Inside edition, The BBC, ABC, Good Morning America and many local TV stations around the country as well as around the world. Listed below are just a few of the companies that we have provided our services to or programs we have been featured in:

March 31, 2016 "Storm Chasers Developing a New Forecasting Tool?" -The Weather Channel AMHQ  

April 9, 2016 "Pic of the week: ‘Mothership’ supercell drops two tornadoes on Tulsa" -The Washington Post 
February 20, 2015  "Storm-Chasing Tours Flourish"  -The Claims Journal

February 14, 2015 "Storm Chasing Tours: From fad to full  fledged industry" -The Wichita Eagle

January 1, 2014 "Take a Storm Chasing Tour Through Tornado Country" - Roadtrippers    

May, 2013 "Tornado Tourism Sees 'Tough' Season of Monster Storms, Destruction in Moore" -ABC News 

October 24, 2013 "Storm chasing tours expose risk of extreme weather" -Fox News 

June 7, 2010 "UWF student gains hands-on experience in tornado chasing via Extreme Chase Tours"

March 25, 2013 Storm-chasing tours, a booming industry, offer adventure to thrill-seekers worldwide -Tulsa World
March 25, 2013 Pro chasers offer an exotic adventure
 -Tulsa World

April 22, 2012 "Storm-chasing proves to be an increasingly popular pastime"

September 12, 2012 "The Stormhunters" -UK Express 

December 2007 "Tornado Hunters" -tru-TV

July 12, 2010"Tornado Tourists" - A KAKE News Special - KAKE-TV

June 20, 2012"Driving Toward a Tornado" Storm Stories -The Weather Channel

April 22, 2012 "Storm-chasing proves to be an increasingly popular pastime" -Colombia Daily Tribune

March 10, 2010 "The real storm chasing Gods" -Men's Magazine

July 9, 2008 "The Tornado Hunters Of America" -TV asahi Japan

July 2015 "Storm -chasing is a way of life for one man and his company" -Hutchinson Chronical

May 31, 2013 "Oklahoma Tornado Chasing in the Worst Season Ever?" -Liberty Voice 

May 2007  Fox News article on our 2006-2007 "tornado tours".
March 8 2008  Featured exclusively in the The Telegraph
March 22, 2006: "Storm Chaser living his dream" -Hutchinson News