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While there are roughly 12 real reputable tour companies in the industry today, if you do not see real pictures of tornadoes and or the guests of the tour company, you at probably wasting your time. A real storm chasing or tornado tour vacation company will have pictures, videos and even video trailers of their past storm tours to showcase for you. If you don't see these types of media, or if you feel uncomfortable - there is probably a reason why. We encourage ALL of our possible clients to check us out before they book with us. Check us out though the BBB or even do a google search about our company, our guides and owner Lanny Dean. We believe that once you find our legitimacy, our high tornado percentages and guest return rate and the fun we have on your vacation, you will want to book with us! 

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TORNADO PICTURES Videos Of Tornadoes

Unlike all of the bigger storm chasing tour companies in the industry, we will NOT cram you up in a 15 seat passenger van! Everyone one of our storm tour guests has a window seat and full access and communication with Lanny and the guide or driver! If you are looking for a real Extreme Tornado Tour experience with the most personal tornado tour company in the industry, come chase with us in 2018

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Below are just a few of the Tornado Pictures from our Storm Chasing Tours Vacations and Tornado Tour Adventures, that we have taken over the many years of the hundreds of tornadoes and supercells that we have documented. When choosing a storm chasing tour company, if you do not see real tornado pictures like these then you are probably wasting your time. When you come on a storm chasing tour with us, you will have opportunities to take some breathtaking photographs like these. The opportunity to take tornado pictures and photographs as well as tornado video happen almost every day. If you are a photographer or if you are just interested in landscape photography, then our tours are for you! During your storm chasing vacation, you will have a chance to film and photograph many different types of severe weather. Call or contact us today to book with a REAL PERSONAL EXTREME TORNADO TOUR COMPANY.