Extreme Chase Tours - Storm Chasing Tours

PLEASE NOTE: ADULT LANGUAGE! During real "combat conditions of our CLOSE Extreme Tornado Tours! We sometimes lose our language in the heat of battle of being so close to the tornado as we were no less than 60 yards from this violent tornado at times!     

extreme tornado tours

extreme tornado tours

Our Extreme Tornado Tours are truly an experience that has to be felt rather than just talked about. Going on one of our Extreme Tornado Tours or Storm Chasing Tour is almost a religious experience! Being so close to tornado will put you in awe of what Mother Nature can really do.

As a 29 year storm chasing veteran and meteorologist, Lanny, has documented over 570 tornadoes - some at VERY close rage! The experience of being so close to the tornado has taught Lanny how to "read" a storm and the tornado. And he has passed this knowledge down to the entire Extreme Chase Tours team. This is also why Extreme Chase Tours has a 90% tornado success rate and a 77% guest return rate! But to really understand our Extreme Tornado Tours, or even our Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, we recommend watching the video below to get a real taste of what it's like to go on a real Extreme Tornado Tour and Storm Chasing Adventure Tour.  

If you would like to join us on one of our real Extreme Tornado Tours, we'd love to have you join one of our exciting storm chasing tours in 2021. Feeling the awesome power and force of Mother Nature, up close and personal is a memory that will last a lifetime! Please check out our storm chasing adventure tours availability and pricing on our 2022 Tours page.You can also see some of the hundreds of tornadoes that we have documented since 1999 on our Pictures page.This will give you a real feel of what going on real Storm Chasing Tour is like. We are always here for you should you have any questions, so please feel free to email us or even call us directly with any questions you might have @918-859-0248   

30 yards from a tornado!
Standing underneath supercell!