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All of our chase tours including our photography tours, day tours and our weekly tours are tailored with you, our clients needs and wants in mind! We conduct out tours around being the most personal, safety, educational, and fun that you will not find by going with the bigger companies. With a 77% guest return rate, many of our guests book year after year. And this is for good reasons, not only do we have a very high 90% tornado success rate during each tour, but more importantly is the most personal attention we give each of our customers year after year. Join Extreme Chase Tours in 2018 and leave the big vans and lack of attention from the storm tour guides! Experience the difference of going with a smaller personal tour company!


All of our Storm Chasing Tours begin with an overview of education. Usually this starts with our "meet and greet" and then continues throughout your tour each day before we start chasing. We believe that the more education you receive during your tour, the more enjoyable it will be to you! We also believe that being a smaller tour company helps with this. For example, our smaller vehicles allow us to communicate one on one directly with each one of our clients. From answering their questions to explaining and teaching them to read radar. This personal attention is just something you will not find or get while being in a big van with 15 other storm chasing guests - not being able to hear or even communicate and ask questions of the driver or tour guide. We believe in Quality not Quantity. Come storm chasing with us in 2018 and experience  this one on one personal education tour. Below is a video of Extreme Chase Tours Owner, Lanny Dean explaining the weather models and situations to our guests. Please watch in detail:      

Tornado Tours Education

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And our education doesn't stop after your tornado chasing tours! We have made lifelong friends over the years with folks who have participated in chasing tornadoes with us and we continue to provide tornado information and weather education safety during severe weather situations to them. This friendship and education continues well after your tour is over! We have been known to warn our past customers who have been in harms way of severe weather locally and this is why we have a 77% tour guest return rate!

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Not only will we teach you about weather while on tour, but we also teach you how to read radar, how to interpret the weather models we use and how to responsibly storm chase and how to stay safe while doing it! 

Extreme Chase Tours was reviewed and HIGHLY recommended by Storm Chasing USA. Feel free to read some of what our past tornado tour guests have said about us on at Storm Chasing USA here:

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