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Come storm chasing with us for the day, Lowest Price for single day storm chasing tours in the industry $300! Maybe you simply do not have a full week vacation available to you or 6-8 days to spare to go on one of our storm chasing tours? But you still want to experience the thrill and excitement of what going on a storm chasing and tornado chasing tour is really like? We offer storm chasing day tours any time severe weather conditions are right for tornadoes and severe weather as a whole. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE USUALLY RUN OUR DAY TOURS, AKA "ON CALL STORM CHASING DAY TOURS OUTSIDE OF OUR REGULAR TOUR DATES. USUALLY DURING THE EARLY PART OF THE SEASON IN EARLY APRIL. This is a wonderful way to really get the experience of what storm chasing is really like!

Just like our regular tours, our Day Tours are "first come, first serve" basis. The routine is pretty simple - you must email us if you are interested in going on a day tour. We will collect emails from those interested. Directions and information for those interested in our on call Day Tours are listed below:

1) You must fill out the email contact form below:

2) You must provide a telephone number as well as email and contact information in your email to us - this way we can contact you directly when we believe severe weather is going to happen.

2) We will inform and direct you on a certain location that we believe severe weather and tornadoes may happen. This location will depend on where the best weather parameters set up. 

3) we will give at least 48-36 hours notification to those interested that severe weather and tornadoes are possible.

3) You are responsible for your travel to the location we provide in the target/chase area.

4) you will be responsible for lodging before and after the on call severe weather event. This includes food, drinks, and any incidentals you may want to purchase while on the day tour.

5) if conditions change and severe weather and or tornado parameters change we will cancel the day tour. All monies will be refunded accordingly at that time.

6) Please do not be late to the meet up location as we will have other guests who have also paid to go on the day tour.

7) if by some chance you are late, we will not wait on you and your payment will not be refunded for any reason.

8) In the message comments below please include your interest and all information as described above.  


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