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Many of or past tornado tours guests and a great many number of our returning storm chasing tours  guests have had the "pleasure" of going on a storm chasing tour with a few of the bigger tour companies before they decided to go with us. Kind of like the small tour company vs big tour company type deal. Some guests have said they thought that by going with a bigger storm tour company, they felt they would be sure to see more "action" and have better results of seeing a tornado. Many folks who are searching for a legitimate storm chasing vacation actually labor under the misconception that a storm chasing tour has to be better by going with a bigger company - but nothing could be farther from the truth.

As a smaller storm chasing tours company with a 77% guest return rate year after year, we hear it all the time. But admittedly, after many of our tour guests spend even just a few days with us, they begin to see how a smaller tornado tour company actually interacts with them. The first thing they experience is that ALL of our guests get a window seat. This is not the case with 99.9% of the bigger tour companies. The second and probably the most important realization that all of our guests see and feel is the true one on one interaction between all of our  tour guides, drivers and each tour guests. Answering questions, explaining what we are seeing on radar compared to what we are actually seeing out the window and what the weather is really doing.  It is very difficult, if not impossible to show and explain what you are seeing on radar or watching out the window to each guest, especially to those that might be seated near the middle or rear of a bigger companies 15 seat passenger van. Should the guests have questions, they simply cannot be answered by a guide or a driver who is sitting 4-5 rows in front of them without basically screaming - we know this from the many guests that we have taken on tour after they have gone with one or two or eve three of the bigger tour companies. Many have said that they "felt like they were nothing more than cattle being herded around"! Some of our other chasing tour guests have gone so far to explain to us that they felt very much isolated from the guide and or driver and even some of the other guests who happen to be able to sit towards the front of the bigger companies 15 seat passenger van. This doesn't sound much like a storm chasing vacation adventure to us! Which is exactly why we do things differently and have since our inception in 1999. Owner, Lanny Dean and Extreme Chase Tours has always held onto our core belief, that storm chasing tours should be about quality, not quantity. This includes safety, education, personable, responsible storm chasing when the guests are with us, checking our clients into their rooms personally and doing everything we can to make sure each one of our guests gets the most personal experience they have ever had on ANY vacation! You will simply not get the personal and private experience by going with a bigger storm chasing tour company compared to a smaller one. Watch the video below and experience what a smaller tour company is like!                 

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We keep our storm tours smaller because we truly believe in Quality vs Quantity. We book no more than 4 people per vehicle and no more than 2 vehicles per storm tour unless we have a production company following us or filming with us. We do not believe in loading up a 15 seat passenger van and treat folks like cattle. Nor do we believe in not assisting and spending equal time with each an everyone of our storm chasing tours guests. Our Storm Chasers and Tour Guides are able to answer questions and educate all of our guests one on one - No bigger storm chasing tour company will spend more one on one time with you - they simply do not have time to do so. And that's the reason we have a 77% guests return rate. Join one of our tornado chasing Tours in 2019 and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!    

Kansas Tornado Storm Chasing Tours

The Most Personal, Private and Affordable Storm Chasing Tours Company in the Industry 

Our custom storm chasing & tornado tours are the most personal, private, and most affordable in the industry of tornado alley. If you are looking for a smaller more personal storm chasing tours company, give us a call today! @ 918-859-0248  

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